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유명 반도체회사
이력서 접수 시 자세히 안내드립니다.

- 기업문화 
- 사내 Communication
- Press Release
- MarCom
- 사보
- 홈페이지
- Media Relations

- 대졸이상 (경력 7~10년)
- PR 프로젝트 독자 기획 및 책임 진행 경험자
- 작문 우수자
- Agency 관리 경험자
- 중견기업 이상 홍보팀 또는 주요 PR 대행사 출신
- 영어 우수자 우대

- 서류전형 > 면접전형

- 당사 양식 국문이력서(필수) --> 이력서 양식 다운로드 
- 이력서 접수처 :
- 이력서 마감 : asap

- 처우 : 협의 가능

대표이사 비서 포지션

유명 엔터테인먼트 회사
이력서 접수 시 자세히 안내드립니다.

-. 대표이사 비서 및 업무 보좌 (비서실장 역할)
-. 대표이사 업무조율 및 컨트롤
-. 업무수행 및 의전
-. 손익관리 및 전략업무 수행

-. 4년제 대졸 이상
-. 유관경력 10년 이상
-. 외국어 능통자
-. 손익관리 및 전략업무 유경험자 우대
-. 기업에서 CEO를 보좌했던 경력자 우대

-. 서류전형 - 1차면접(임원) - 2차면접(대표이사)

-. 국문이력서
-. 양식이 따로 있으니 문의 후 수령
-. 문의 및 이력서 제출처 :
-. 이력서 마감 : asap

-. 처우는 경력 감안 협의 가능합니다. 

sales manager(부장~임원)

global pet care company
이력서 보내 주시는 분에게 자세히 안내드립니다.

1. Sales Development:
Consistently deliver exceptional sales results plan to maximize the growth and profitability of the business objectives
Develop all relevant data to support the annual sales plan
Execute the annual business plan as directed by General Manager
Develop and supervise implementation action plans for all sales teams to respond to changing market conditions
Lead, control and direct sales team to assure sales targets are achieved through motivation, training and coaching
Manage distributors for business development and growth

2. Strategic Sales Strategies:
Promote with marketing the increase of market share, brand awareness and increase customers’ margin and loyalty to Royal Canin
Provide a tailored business process recommendation to maximize key customers and RC profitability
Differentiate Royal Canin brand from competition through education to customers
Align with marketing the implementation of promotional programs for all sales channels
Co-work with marketing to communicate customers’ satisfaction feedback and recommendations on the value of promotional activities
Partnership in channeling sales and extend RC values to market
Utilize sales data to create an annual action plan
Align with marketing and its tool and technical resources to differentiate of the Royal Canin brand to increase market share
Track sales on weekly basis and adjust action plan to maintain superior performance
Review with marketing the implementation of marketing plan that provide market intelligence to the marketing department as required
Work with marketing to consolidate brand and product knowledge needs from  team to support the launch plan and monitor the progress of rolling out the launch programs to market

3. Stakeholder Engagement:
Assures compliance of all policies, procedures and practices of the company
Support resolution of customers’ complaints through direct action and collaboration with functional team
Check the inventory level and ensure the proper business process and reporting
Make business review with A, B, C customers on regular basis to maximize their sales and RC profitability.
Facilitate team’s continuous development by customizing individual development plan and providing opportunity to practice.
Monitor warehouse inventory to provide accurate responses to customers and its cost liability
Ensure compliance of company policies and practices (e.g. Sales & Marketing, Supply, S&F, S&C, P&O etc.)

Strong logical thinking ability, deliberate question in a comprehensive, thorough manner, able to maintain balance & principle persistence
Experience on team management, to unite & lead the team to achieve predetermined/predefined target
Strong ability in handling customer relation, superior negotiation ability, can solve questions & challenges encountered from work in a timely manner
Strong organizing & coordination ability, able to consolidate company’s inform& convert to competitive advantage strong ability on market development judgment & analysis, to obtain advantageous position (edge)
Sales management
People management
Professional knowledge
Distribution management
Managing sales team
Bachelor Degree
familiar of each operation model
experience within a managerial position
Fluent English, reading and writing

국문이력서 (다음 링크에서 다운로드 후 작성)  -->링크 복사 후 인터넷 주소창에 붙여넣고 [엔터 키]
영문이력서 (자유 양식)
이력서 보낼 곳 :
이력서 보내 주시면 검토 후 자세히 안내드립니다.


서류 --> 면접

본 포지션은 부장 ~ 임원급입니다. 제반 처우 매우 좋고 근무환경 최고의 회사입니다.
문의사항은 위 이메일로 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

account manager, sales 포지션

유명 외국계 대기업
이력서 접수 시 자세히 안내드립니다. 

​[Key Areas of Responsibilities]

Responsible for maximizing order intake, sales, prices realization and customer satisfaction while developing and optimizing the customer relationship in order to ensure the long term profitability in the assigned accounts.

1. Accountable for maximizing order intake, sales and price realization in the assigned accounts
2. Prepare the annual account plan in line with the regional strategy
3. Responsible for the sales forecast and funnel management at the assigned accounts
4. Ensure continuity of the relat
 ionship with the customers
5. Develop new customers to penetrate new opportunity

[We are looking for]
Bachelor’s degree or above (Major in Electronics or Biomedical Engineering preferred)
Min. 3 years of experience in the field of Sales in Healthcare industry
Knowledge of Medical products (MR, CT, X-ray)
Proactive and problem solving attitude 
Reasonable interpersonal skill
Good command of English and Korean
Hands on MS office 

서류전형-면접전형 (1,2차)

이력서 보낼 곳 :
제출마감 : asap

스포츠 마케팅 전문가, 유명 광고대행사 채용정보

국내 최고 광고대행사
이력서 접수 시 자세히 안내드립니다.

광고주의 스폰서십을 통한 마케팅을 목적으로 하는 스포츠 마케팅, 제휴, 행사 기획 및 진행 담당

만 4년차 이상 (현재 5년차부터)
종합광고 대행사 출신, 대기업에서 스포츠 마케팅 담당 경험자
글로벌 광고주 대행 경력자 우대 (해외 우수광고대행사 출신 외국인도 가능합니다)
(해외대학 출신자나 해외 석사 우대)

서류 --> 면접

경력 중심 국문이력서
이력서 양식 다운로드 : 
제출마감 : asap
이력서 보낼 곳 :

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